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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 12, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >> megyn: kelly's court verdict moments after my own verdict. u.s. senate an -- ten nation monday fining serena williams $2,000. williams earned 1.4 million at en reportedly. that's a good deal for her. one final piece of news, louisiana governor jindal will endorse governor perry in the 2012 republican race. >> shepard: the news begins anew in studio b. in march the president said the united states is not going to deploy ground troops into libya. well, do we have news for you in our not war!
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box number two, potential injuries will soon look at the man prosecutors charge the man trying to blow up a lien with explosive under pants. box number three, explosion at a french nuclear site kills one and injuries four. french officials say it is an industrial accident at a nuclear facility that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. >> first, the president sending his jobs proposal to congress today, at the white house details a plan to pay for it with tax hikes on the richest americans. the president says it is necessary to create jobs and urging lawmakers to put aside partisan politics and pass the bill. >> the president: this is a bill that will put people back to work across the country. a bill that will help our economy in the moment of national crisis this is a bill based on ideas from democrats and republicans. this is the bill that congress
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needs to pass. that games. that politics. -- no games, no politics, no delays. >> shepard: holding up a hard copy of the american jobs act, which he unveiled last week before a joint session of congress. to cover the cost the white house proposing new limit on tomb mized tax deductions -- itemized tax deductions. this plan would increase taxes for oil and gas companies. for cover jet owners. and for hedge fund managers. john boehner saying today that he's open for compromise on the bill but rejects the president's plan of how to pay for it. wendell goler at the white house. republicans have historically opposed these types of tax measures. >> reporter: the white house says some of these proposals have received bipartisan support in the past.
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some of the measures were included in a package that the democrat controlled senate rejected in 2009 when it had a veto-proof majority. writes: >> reporter: the white house says is counting some lawmakers have got an earful when they went home for summer break. >> shepard: how will this impact the job of the super committee? >> reporter: presumeably these are the so-called easy revenue raisers. budget director suggests that with make the job of the house and senate committee charged with finding another trillion and a half in deficit reduction. here's what he had to say.
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>> the super committee, if the recommendations as we are putting them forward are adopted, will have to hit the target of 1.5 plus the cost of the jobs bill. if they want to take these provisions and displace them under those rules, they would have to equal it. >> reporter: the president heads back on the road to build support for this plan. ohio tomorrow, north carolina the day after. >> shepard: wendell at the noisey white house. the president attempting to create jobs. america's biggest bank term s of cash will cut 30,000 jobs over the next few years. part of what the bank of america's ceo moynihan calls project new bac. working to slash five billion, adding we don't have to be the biggest company out there, we have to be the best. of course bank of america's stock price has lost nearly
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half of its value this year, largely to troubled mortgages. >> let's get gerri's two cents this announcement, the latest of many attempts for this bank to get share prices back up. >> that's right. they've been doing stuff all summer. starting with reorganization last week. one of the people losing their jobs was a the highest ranking woman on wall street, out in the reorganization. also, 8.5 billion settlement with mortgage investors throwing money around trying to make things look better. in a five billion dollar investment by warren buffet hoping his involvement would make shares look better. trying to reassure stock prices went up a bit, not a ton.8ó >> shepard: bank of america is not alone. >> no. if you look at share price of all banks since the beginning of the year, down 16%.
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bank of america gets the worst, year-to-date down 46%. as you said, all eyes on countrywide kfrplgs with the ceo this morning with investors, investors asking are you going to take the countrywide portion of the company and put it in bankruptcy? no answer, but we will continue to watch. >> shepard: we'll watch for you this afternoon on the willis report on the fox business network. since our not war in libya again almost six months ago our president and other military leaders have said over and over again, the united states will not put any boots on the ground there. something has just changed. after all those airstrikes that nato led, pentagon officials say four u.s. service members arrived in tripoli over the weekend. officials say the troops are there to help rebill the u.s. embassy. so far we -- hear they are only expected to stay in libya
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for a short while. jennifer we know the cia is on the ground. what do we know about these troops? >> reporter: there will be eight boots on the ground, according to the pentagon, four u.s. service personnel. there will be two explosive ordinance experts checking for booby traps at the embassy. >> when the president made his commitment, no boots on the ground that obviously had to do with entering into the fray between the gadhafi forces and the libyan freedom fighters. that's not what these guys are engaged in. >> reporter: the other two troops will be providing security. >> shepard: any indication there may be more boots on the ground or they are still saying no, not in this not war? >> they are saying there will be more boots on the ground a marine contingent to guard the em. >> they are still saying there won't be boots on the ground
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in the sense that they won't be helping the rebels, training the rebels. they are sticking to their guns about that. but they will be armed these four troops being sent, because the situation is insecure. they will make assessment of the damage to the embassy. according to pentagon spokesman, captain kirby, they are expected to be there a very short time. >> shepard: jennifer griffin, live at the pentagon. more on the u.s. presence in libya. plus, a look at the loyalists and gadhafi family members who have left the country. >> also the republican presidential candidate mitt romney just got a big boost going into tonight's gop debate. judging by recent polls, he's going to need it if he wants a shot at winning the nomination. my doctor told me calcium
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>> shepard: deadly explosion at a nuclear site today has
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killed one and injured four at a facility in the south of france near the mediterranean sea. officials have detected no radiation leak. no word of quarantine or evacuation measures. the blast went off inside an oven that melts radioactive metallic waste. an investigation is underway to determine why it happened. >> new concerns about iran's first nuclear power plant as that country's state run television network reports it is up and running and generating electricity. there are reports it could reach full power by the end of year. iranians have been building the plant for years with the help of the russians. officials from the united states and other nations have expressed concerns, calling it a cover for the manufacturer of weapons. iranian officials say that is not the united nations atomic energy chief is calling for iran to cooperate fully with the investigators. fox news is america's
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election headquarters. what a difference a few months can make. former candidate endorsed a former rival. hours ahead of the latest gop debate former governor of minnesota tim pawlenty has thrown his support behind mitt romney. of course, pawlenty dropped out of race last month after what he called a disappointing show in the iowa straw poll. pawlenty serves as national co-chair of governor romney's campaign in june pawlenty coined the term obamnicare comparing romney's plan to president obama's. carl, we have paenty's endorsement help romney? >> reporter: of course. these types of endorsements bring some degree of attention. particularly from former pawlenty supporters. the former minnesota governor
12:14 pm
didn't lack for conservative policy positions by his own acknowledgement what he was short on was charisma. there is some help there. and it matters because pawlenty is already joining romney if in terms of the rhetoric, going after perry the national front-runner for what he wrote in his book about social security saying it has been a failure and unconstitutional, and a ponzi scheme. >> shepard: does this put pawlenty on top of romney's short list for vice president? >> reporter: a lot of folks are saying pawlenty is a key choice for that. because he entered the race, fought hard, didn't get fasty, he will be on that another name, bobby engine -- bobby jindal governor of louisiana. the race for vice president is always sort of a subtext to the endorsement, the drop-outs
12:15 pm
and also-rans. that will be part what is reported today. jindal and pawlenty perhaps both vying for number two slots if their guy wins the nomination. >> shepard: there's a report perry may have picked up an endorsement of his own? >> that's the one about jindal. the louisiana governor is a close of perry's they've worked together for a number of years. jindal is coming to florida. we've confirmed that he does intend to formally endorse mr. perry. coming on the same day of pawlenty's endorsement of romney it has a counter point nature to it. when it comes to political endorsements the most important is the sitting governor of any state. louisiana is not one of the most critical swing states. >> shepard: there's a debate, a gop debate. i guess congresswoman michelle bachmann has a lot to get done. >> reporter: she does this is co-hosted by the tea party express, founded by lobbyists
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out of california a couple years back. there are other tea party groups that will be involved so as to not have it sound like it is just a bunch of lobbyists from california. michelle bachmann the founder of the house tea party caucus has a lot riding on tonight. she has been slipping in polls consistently. five days ago poll shows she has in the been able to out of a distance third place. a lot of folks think she will be aggressive tonight. since she won the straw poll in iowa the same day perry got if the race she has been overshadowed. >> shepard: carl, thanks. report of a surprise attack at a popular tourist destination, leaving one man dead. the gunman kidnapped the dead man's wife. now there's a manhunt underway. >> the guy accused of that failed plot to blow up an airline we are explosives in his underwear has a new
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challenge. defending himself in a terrorism trial. it is about to start. and we'll have the latest, next. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there?
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>> shepard: potential injuries in the trial of the unsuccessful underwear bomber due in court this week. umar farouk abdulmutallab is accused of trying to blow up a plane filled with 300 people unbound for detroit. the 24-year-old from nigeria will act as his own attorney. prosecutors say they want to show this video they have demonstrations of what could have happened, should the explosive chemical mix hidden in his unpants had detonated. let's break down the case with the senior judicial analyst,
12:21 pm
judge napolitano: show videos of something that might have happened? >> the latest craze amongst prosecutors. some judges are accepting it, some are rejecting it. the government will make a movie of events which didn't happen as to which there is no witness, based upon other information. the government will write bring in an expert who will say i'm familiar with the chemicals. if they had done what he intended here's what would have happened to the plane. instead of explaining, i brought a video i've created. question, is that highly prejudicial to the jurors? because there never was an explanation. should the government be able to demonstrate to the jurors what this person planned and intended to do? that's the question that the court will have to answer. >> shepard: there will be more evidence in this trial. looks like they have a lot. they have his underwear with the bomb stuff in it. >> you put your finger on.
12:22 pm
there is so much evidence of his guilt they do not need to risk reversal by persuading a judge to introduce something and let the jury see this fantasy, of an event that never occurred. have him get convicted and have an appeals court reverse the conviction. >> shepard: you look at this picture of the guy, date is gone now. there he is. i mean, if you are a prosecutor, you might have a hard time with the jury and a baby faced kid. not to diminish anything he tried to do. >> evidence of his guilt is substantial. unfortunately for him and for the judge, he has decided to defend himself. the reason i say unfortunately for the june. i can tell you from my own experience. it is a nightmare, you the judge have to level the playing field without interfering with the government's case. >> shepard: one thing that was interesting, they are putting together measures to protect the identity of the jurors. >> there is the fear that the
12:23 pm
jurors may be concerned with public knowledge of who they are. that's a constitutional issue. the defendant is entitled to know who the jurors are and what their background is. since he's representing himself, unless he listens to those public defenders that are going to be whispering in his ear, he doesn't know what he's permitted to learn the jurors and the prosecutors may roll over him. a -- may steam roll over him. a judge cannot let that happen. she has appointed several public defenders for him and he has fired all. what she will do against his will is to have one seated to whisper in his ear and explain things for him. he may decide not to listen to the advice. >> shepard: then there's this matter of trying to prosecute terror suspects. proved to be difficult. >> this particular judge has ruled that this particular defendant is entitled to all
12:24 pm
the protections of the constitution. no matter where he was born and what the government says he has done. this is a profound victory, whatever the outcome of this case, for the rule of law. this guy is going to be tried in a federal district court with the full panoply of constitutional protections. there are a lot of office holders in both political parties who don't want to see this happen. >> shepard: is that for political reasons? this is a new argument, in forget the constitution business, isn't that kind of new? >> it is -- well it gs back to world war ii with the german saboteurs who landed on long island and key largo off the coast of florida. and the supreme court sort of accepted it and sort of rejected it. but it is coming back. and it is coming back with force. if the outcome of this case is fair and just, it will show yet again, that justice can be meted out and the constitution followed at the same time.
12:25 pm
>> shepard: i'm guessing you are hopeful. >> i'm hopeful. >> shepard: judge, thank you. happy monday we'll watch for you 8:00 tonight on the fox business network. freedom watch hosted by the judge. longtime libyan dictator gadhafi is now losing support from within his own family. details of the latest defection, next. >> wildfires tearing across california. now storms that could make things worse. a will have report plus bottom of the hour headlines, coming up. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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she did the tennis great serena williams got out of mess with a $2,000 fine. she had choice words. tournament officials call it verbal abuse. serena lost the match yesterday she was still on probation for an incident at the u.s. open a couple years ago because of that the tournament referee could have banned her from next year's open. serena should be able to afford that $2,000 fine she pulled in 1.4 million dollars for the tournament. she told the woman you are ugly on the inside. and something else. and you're a loser. actually serena lost that match. straight sets. i'm shepard smith this is studio b, bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. >> pentagon admits the
12:30 pm
united states has put some boots on ground in libya, eight of them. despite repeated assurances from the president that wouldn't happen. officials say four u.s. troops are in libya, not battalions troops. they are there to help assess damage on the embassy. statement released from district attorney gadhafi claiming the rebels are surrendering libya to foreigners. not clear where he may be. one of his sons is now in neighboring niger. officials there intend to detain saadi gadhafi who crossed over the border over the weekend. the website described it as a -- good to see you michael. you make anything of this? >> it is part of the gradual process of gadhafi's regime falling apart and any hope of
12:31 pm
reconstitution ebbing away. it is nice to hear gadhafi's words even though they aren't too friendly, to the effect that the rebels are giving the country over to the insurge s -- t the foreigners. that acknowledges that he's not in charge. -- not in a position to control its fate. it is a gradual process. his family or part of it going across another border last week, as you know. he's increasingly in a small, isolated group. he can't even mar sal the immediate family to -- marshal the immediate family to any plausible power that should help convincing his followers there is no future and ending this conflict sooner rather than later. >> shepard: this son saadi is the one who attempted to negotiate with the rebels? >> right, and i'm not sure therefore he's the worst of the worst. so i'm not sure that is the preeminent defector from the
12:32 pm
regime that we've been after. i think it is one more person, one more key person from the family who is not in a position to help gadhafi with that, you know, unrealistic, but still sometimes disgust comeback to power that gadhafi wants us to believe is still possible. as long as the myth of a gadhafi comeback is demolished that should hasten the end of conflict in some of the cities. >> shepard: what is the end game? >> over the next year or so. i would use even though it is not a perfect analogy, iraq, in iraq saddam fell in april of 2003. but it want until the following fall that we had seen the conditions take root for a civil war. of course that amplified an accelerated over the next couple of years. i was that next six months when the new government had a chance, actually it was the
12:33 pm
united states in that first instance, a thank to reach out to as many iraqis and possible. that was attempted with great enthusiasm by certain people, not by others and it didn't work. the end game was an insurgency in iraq. we want to avoid that here. what we need to see is the transitional council reaching out to other libyans and setting up institutions that can rehabilitate the former gadhafi supporters. if you don't do that you have the basis for civil war, if not right away then maybe in the winter or spring. >> shepard: is egypt a guide with them back in tahrir square protesting the military rule now of that country? >> egypt is complex and still underway. not a finished deal. egypt is fundamentally different from libya. libya is a collection of tribes, six million people. egypt is the heart of the arab world, primarily one major ethic group. the divisions within egypt
12:34 pm
have more to do with politics, come ticks for power. libya is more a -- more a question of stitching together, six, eight, 10 major groups that have never formed a true nation that's why in process of reaching out to the tribes that have been most supportive of gadhafi is going to be more crucial. they will be tempted to hunker down, drive everybody out and consider resistance, unless they get some say in the new libya. >> shepard: putting six to eight tribes together who never communicated that sounds like they can get that down in a week, no problem. michael good to see you. >> you too. >> shepard: wildfire alert. officials say firefighters are making progress containing a series of wildfires that are taking over parts of central california a few hours north of los angeles. the possibility of thunderstorms and lightning, plus high winds threatening to make things more difficult. we are told the flames have
12:35 pm
already burned through 84 square miles of land in that region. casey stegall, where are the biggest concerns? >> reporter: primarily the central part of california. an area that doesn't typically see a lot of wildfires like down in so cal and the northern part of the state. claims have chewed through 7,000 acres near bakersfield, california. 112 miles north of us in los angeles. evacuations on a voluntary basis for communities in that region. being crews making progress, the fire at 6 containment. a second blaze has burned more than 23,000 acres that one is at 90% containment. to the northeast of there, flames ripping through kern county near the sequoia national forest. nation dark -- multiple fires,
12:36 pm
residents who call that neck of the woods home, on high alert. >> scary. we couldn't tell how close the fire was, the perception of depth was off. we didn't know fit was going to come up this way >> reporter: at this hour, 500 structures still remain threatened. a situation they are monitoring extremely closely. >> shepard: we knew about the problems in texas. now the pacific northwest is having problems, right? >> yeah. another area where we don't typically see a lot of wildfires. washington state and oregon, parts of those states on fire, at this noon hour on the west coast. 18 homes have burned in golden dale, washington not far from the oregon border. flames 30% contained, destroyed more than six square miles, 18 homes. in hood river, oregon about an hour's drive east of portland,
12:37 pm
another fire there burning 5800 acres. it too caused by lightning. all of these dry conditions out here. then you have electrical storms, not a good combination when you are talking about these raging wildfires. >> shepard: casey, thank you. >> in texas, officials say that wildfire, a big one is 60% contained. so much damage already done. this is bastrop, texas, 25 miles south and east of austin. monster fire has destroyed more than 1500 hopes. imagine! they say that number will likely go up as crews continue to assess the damage. two people, still unaccounted for. officials say they may be out of town. that's what they are hoping. they say drought and high winds triggered more than 190 wildfires across the state of texas. >> red cross reports pipeline explosion in kenya's capital has killed at least 75 people.
12:38 pm
some residents jumped into a nearby river after they caught fire. local hospital official reports the facility is treating more than 100 burn victims. according to the associated press that blast left charred bodies scattered throughout burning shacks. up to 1,000 feet from the blast site. other bodies floating in that river, which is said to be full of sewage. wow. the trial of a millionaire accused of killing his wife in the same mansion where the golfer, arnold palmer once lived getting underway in florida many we go there for a live report. gunmen kill a guest and kidnap that guest's wife. now officials are searching for any clues as to who was behind this attack. we'll have an update on that, next. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer.
12:39 pm
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12:42 pm
front resort popular with the rich and famous. this is a picture of the british businessman. officials in kenya say attackers murdered him then took off with the wife. officials at britain's foreign office say it happened over the weekend near kenya's border with somalia, right there. police are trying to determine who raided the resort and whether they specifically targeted that particular couple. jonathan hunt our chief fox report correspondent live in new york. presumably this is a resort that would have a lot of security. >> reporter: they used to say on their website now taken down, they take security seriously. we are being lead to believe that british couple were the only guests at the resort on this night. they arrived around 3 p.m.. sometime during the night -- around 4 p.m., sometime during the night, midnight to 4 a.m. these gunmen got in once on the resort getting into the
12:43 pm
room was easy these cottages don't have doors, just curtains. the working theory is the husband resisted, they shot him dead, a single shot, then made off in a speedboat with his wife. >> shepard: do authorities have any idea who these gunmen are? >> reporter: right now they seem to have no idea at all. listen to the kenyan police commissioner. >> so far we do not know the motive . >> reporter: they may be, as the commissioner said just bandits. there are two other more troubling theories. one, they may have been somali pirates who are now beginning to take their campaign of kidnapping on to land. and two, they may have come
12:44 pm
from the al-shabaab somali islamic extremist group. workg theories, nothing certain. >> shepard: joining the conversation click on the hunt link. jury selection beginning in the high profile murder trial of a millionaire businessman charged with murdering his wife. prosecutors say bob ward shot his wife to death inside their orlando area mansion, the 63-year-old has pleaded not guilty and claims his wife died by accident. in a 911 call he's reportedly heard saying, i just shot my wife, she dead. lawyers have been fighting over poe tax al evidence in the case, including this -- potential evidence in the case, including this video. here's part of it, where he's said to be talking on the
12:45 pm
phone with his brother-in-law. listen now. >> i probably can't tell you anything right now, other than she is dead. and it was an accident. and i will tell you more about it later. but, you know, it was a very tragic accident. >> shepard: take it to the legal panel. steve, it was just a very tragic accident. >> he sounded very distraught, didn't he? the prosecution has everything they need to move forward. and they have a strong case. we foe that this woman was shot in her house. we know -- we know he admitted to doing it. similar the casey anthony case where we have his behavior after the fact as compounding the problem. which is that he did it. that he's not upset about it. because he did it on purpose. look at his reaction on that video we just saw. he did not look distraught
12:46 pm
from a woman who just attempted a suicide and unfortunately was successful. it is hard believe, based on the facts presented so far. >> what i just saw was a man who was looking to protect what happened. instead of going into what i believe the evidence in this case is going to show, which is that he was trying to stop his wife from committing suicide. instead, to protect the memory of his wife, that is what he gave. what you are going to find out -- >> shepard: make that up or is that a defense theory? >> not only did i not make it up it is plus able. anti-depressants, -- drugs found in her system. >> shepard: he said he shot his wife. >> the dude did not shoot his wife. >> shepard: he said he did. >> because he was protecting her. the prosecution is going to help us with this. you are going to find out the gun was far from her cheek not pressed up against it, because
12:47 pm
he was trying to grab the gun away and the gun went off. >> shepard: you've been in courtrooms all your life. you know women very rarely shoot themselves in the face. not to say she didn't. the medical examiner says from the -- path of the bullet it would appear suicide is highly unlikely. >> that's the interesting part. they talked about gunshot residue as well as demonstrating the fact that the gun was not pressed up against her head at the time the shot was fired. which is of some significance. when you consider the defense he's putting up, i don't think holds that much weight. what does hold more weight is the trajectory of the bullet. because of the fact that it had a straight path into her head, signifies that it is less likely that it was due to a struggle that would most likely occur on an angle during a struggle with a weapon many interesting out this, all of a sudden he comes up with this defense, this came after the fact. when he reported it to 911 it
12:48 pm
was, i shot my wife. then he stars to think about accidental shootings. he said i shot my wife. he didn't say my wife was attempting suicide, i had tried stop her and the gun went off. >> it is a great point consistent with someone who has not planned this out, intended to kill his wife, charged with second degree murder this is a man in shock. keep in mind, this case is going to rise and fall on experts. when that expert for the prosecution cannot rule out fact there could have been a struggle, and it could have stopping a suicide, that is called reasonable doubt. >> that's fine. but what can counter that argument. what the prosecution is going to have to do, show a motive. show a reason. what he -- right now they have the case, it is done, i shot my wife, okay. the only question remains is, why? what was the reason? why did he do it? he did it because he is trying
12:49 pm
to stop her from killing herself, so i shot her that doesn't work. what about the motive? if the pros can get enough evidence to show he a reason to kill his wife the jury will likely convict him. >> i don't buy it, i don't see it. it was a horrible accident. >> shepard: hang on. it is one thing to be a terrific advocate for your client. when the man called 911 and says i shot my wife, you don't buy it. >> if he had planned this out, don't you think the man would have had an elaborate story. >> shepard: i didn't say planned. i said his phone call. >> but he's charged with second degree murder. intent. not manslaughter , not criminally negligent homicide where i was a accident. intent. >> i shot my wife does not exclude an intentional act or deliberate act that was planned out ahead of time. >> prosecutions don't go by not excluding that's
12:50 pm
reasonable doubt. >> because he said he shot her it must have been she was attempting to commit a suicide and he was trying to save her. >> shepard: he had different hair the first time the big weird hair. and the second time he had smaller hair. >> and he was convicted. lana clarkson, he never said i shot my wife. >> guy who killed his wife on purpose, would have said, oh my god story. >> maybe you can play that video about him dancing in the cell and joy -- >> that would be the issue on appeal. >> shepard: we'll be right back. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,00miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for ,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow.
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>> shepard: the department of education reports the up in of americans who have defaulted on their federal loans jumped
12:54 pm
last year to 8.8%, up from 7% in '08. the weak economy has forced many colleges and university to raise tuition. graduates are having a harder time finding work. >> colorado state offering to pay all tuition costs for veterans and family members. the offer is good for interstate and out of state undergrads. university reports it will cover all fees and throw in more than $4,000 a semester for housing and $1,000 a year for books. there's more to the story. >> reporter: this is an enhancement to the federal g.i. yellow ribbon program that pays for most of college, but not all. colorado state says it will pay the rest. colorado state senior ryan foster racked up $40,000 in loans his first three years. his dad served after attacks of 9/11 so his graduating year
12:55 pm
will cost less. >> i'm getting living expenses, tuition fees and books all covered that going to takeoff at least $10,000 or more of what i would be paying. >> reporter: foster, a recipient of the g.i. bill's yellow ribbon program gets help to cover cost. his school csu launched a program to cover any shortfalls providing awards to close that gap. to make sure that any veteran can come here at no out-of-pocket cost. >> reporter: the university has 700 vets on campus. enhancement allows s to pass on the gift to their kids. >> a sense of gratitude for all the vets and their families because it is not just the veterans, but their family has to stay behind. >> reporter: colorado stay has been recognized by numerous organizes as being one of the most military-friendly campus in the country. as a reward, it has seen
12:56 pm
veterans enroll increase year after year. >> we are not going to get an education at low or no cost. >> reporter: more good news. csu will not put a cap on the number of people it allows into the program. >> shepard: alicia acuna, thanks. >> not to officials at the bronx zoo the animals are supposed to be in the cages. an apparently the zoo just had another escape. >> that and nuttiness on wall street. that coming up. [ male announcer ] each of these photos was taken by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree llee. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll ne
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maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at >> shepard: the way things are going at the bronx zoo here in new york the safest place for people may be in the cages. another animal escaped this weekend. in march, cobra got out, crews found it hiding in one of the buildings. couple months later


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